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We get notified as soon as you fill up the questionnaire and hit the "submit" button. This activates our super-marketer mode. And, we start to analyze your data running it through different simulations. Simply put, we devise a handful of lucrative strategies, calculate the best and worst possible outcomes, and identify the best approach. The entire process takes us about 2 working days. We then send you a custom-tailored marketing plan. You can even schedule a call with our in-house experts if you like our approach.

App install campaigns make the app installation process smooth. App install advertisements are made to encourage downloads of your mobile app from sites other than app stores. The customer is attracted to your app in the stores by this form of advertisement.

App install campaigns drive a large number of downloads in a short length of time, which raises the app's rating in app stores. They also assist with organic traffic, which increases exposure and downloads.

The name of the app, a description, an image, and a CTA button are the typical elements of this ad style. However, depending on the host platform, it might have certain extra functionality. These app install campaigns can be run on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google, and Youtube.

If you want to know about the best practices of app install campaigns, then here you are:

  • Targetting specific audiences
  • Using quality content
  • Consider the full marketing funnel
  • Proper analysis and adjusting