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Frequently Asked Questions

We create the most attractive and compelling logos that are personalized especially for our clients. Here is the process we follow to ensure that our designs meet the highest quality standards-

  • Evaluation of the brand and its industry
  • Listing the possible applications of the logo
  • Brainstorming and sketching logo designs
  • Working with the client to create digital drafts
  • Sharing drafts with the client for confirmation and recommendations
  • Preparing and delivering the final logo files

Our team follows this time-tested process to create outstanding logos that are simple, unique, memorable, and personalized. And just in case you do not like the first design, we also offer two iterations where we incorporate your recommendations to give you exactly what you want!

The best colors for your logo depend on three key factors-

  • Uniqueness
    Your logo must stand out from the competition to be easily distinguishable. A unique combination will attract more attention and form a bold brand impression.
  • Design
    The color combination must suit the characters or designs in the logo. Designing the black and white design first is usually recommended to enable a better color choice.
  • Context and Emotions
    This is a major factor that you must consider while deciding the colors and their combinations. This is because colors and various color combinations are often linked with particular contexts and emotions. As a result, the colors must match the context of your business and the emotions it wants to evoke.

Here are some examples of color combinations and their ideal contexts-

  • Yellow and Blue: Playful and Authoritative
  • Black and Orange: Powerful and Lively
  • Maroon and Peach: Elegant and Tranquil
  • Light Blue and Pink: Friendly and Notable
  • Dark Brown and Olive Green: Simple and Natural
  • Blue, Red, and Yellow: Quirky and Radiant
  • Deep Blue, Yellow, and Peach: Professional and Optimistic
  • Lotus Red, Pink, and Brown: Gentle and Enticing
  • Purple, Violet, and Dark Green: Calm and Relaxing
  • Soft Gray, Green Gray, and Deep Gray: Dignified and Timeless

It is vital to spend time and effort in planning and designing your brand's logo. This is because a good logo is a key to expressing your brand image accurately while attracting the attention of your target audience. Moreover, your logo is meant to be permanent, as frequent logo changes may confuse the audience and harm your reputation. So, you must try to ensure that you get your logo right in one go by following these three time-tested rules of good logo design-

Appropriate- Your logo should be appropriate in its context and feeling. It must express the personality of your brand in an eye-catching manner while evoking the relevant emotions in the viewers' minds.

Distinctive & Memorable- Your logo has to be unique enough to persist in the minds of your target audience by creating its distinct recognition. It must stand out from the crowd in a positive sense.

Simple- Your logo must be simple and small enough so it can be easily understood and displayed across various mediums without dimension issues. Applying these three rules will help you create outstanding logos that set you apart from competitors and give your brand its unique recognition amongst your target audience.

  • Tracking if the leads are actually going on to make purchases and how much they are spending.
  • Finding how much time and how many attempts it is taking to convert the leads into buyers.
  • Taking direct feedback from leads.
  • Tracking activity on the site such as visits to important pages, filling forms, and downloads

These factors will help you judge the Closing potential (describes how easy it is to convert that prospect into a customer) and Revenue potential (describes how much revenue that prospect could generate over a decided period). Accordingly, you can determine the quality of each lead to draw inferences about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and the improvements required.

A logo is an invaluable asset for your business that defines your brand identity and forms its first impression. Hence, a good logo will help your brand to express itself and connect better with the target audience. Naturally, a badly designed logo will have the very opposite effect.

Here is a list of all the positive impacts a logo can have on your business-

  • It grabs the attention of your audience instantly and forms an immediate early impression
  • It is a fundamental part of your brand identity and greatly influences how your prospects will view your brand.
  • It separates you from your competition and makes your brand memorable by offering a distinct visual that people can associate with your brand.
  • It helps to express a constant brand voice, hence fostering a larger following and boosting brand loyalty.
  • It is what your audience looks for when your brand is introduced to them. And it plays a key role during this introduction as humans tend to recognize, judge, and remember things visually.

A well-designed logo will give you all these benefits with just one initial investment, which is usually very low! So, you must focus on developing a unique, attractive, and relevant logo for your business before you go for any marketing campaign.