The Client

An HR management software enabling high-growth SMBs to track requisitions, optimise talent pipelines, analyse skills gaps, and engage employees. Despite strong product validation achieving $15K MRR, customer acquisition flattened by month 9 as digital channels tapered and churn increased from employee turnover. Reigniting expansive growth required an integrated strategy to activate channels while increasing customer retention sustainably.

The Strategy

Our omnichannel approach precisely targeted key HR decision makers leveraging:


  • On-page optimizations for commercial HR software keywords.
  • Improved site speed through image compression.
  • Internal linking structures matching user journeys.

Content Creation & Distribution

  • Published comparison guides, case studies and 120+ blogs.
  • Promoted assets through email and social posts.
  • Analysed engagement data to inform topics.

Meta Ads

  • Interest and lookalike retargeting focusing on HR personas.
  • Video ads showcasing employee engagement features of the platform.
  • Optimised CTRs and unified ad measurement.

YouTube Ads

  • Video ad targeting focused on HR management video topics.
  • Optimised based on viewability and completion metrics.
  • Remarketed viewers of HR thought leadership content.

Google Ads

  • Commercial search demand matching to HR management buyer keywords.
  • Dynamic key phrase insertion based on purchase funnel stage.
  • Optimised CTRs and conversions for free trial signups.

LinkedIn Ads

  • Sponsored content leveraged professional learner segments.
  • Lead gen messages promoted demos and trials.
  • Remarketed visitors from HR software pages.

Sales Enablement

  • Consultative selling and account growth frameworks.
  • Client success nurturing through business reviews.

The Execution

Meta Ads

  • Detailed audience refinement based on role and intent criteria.
  • Created 6 video ads spanning use cases focused on retention.
  • Implemented cost cap controls in line with profitability modelling.

YouTube Ads

  • 8 video ads highlighting various platform features.
  • Optimised bids by engagement rates.
  • Sequential messaging based on view history.

Google Ads

  • Matched broad match keywords to search query demand patterns.
  • Expanded targets from job title/function to in-market audience signals.
  • Refined ad messaging and enhanced landing page.

LinkedIn Ads

  • Published 10+ articles and downloaded guides.
  • Rigorous audience optimization by job role and seniority.
  • Implemented tracking to attribute demo conversions.

Outbound Sales Enablement

  • Incorporated the use of Sales Enablement and Enrichment tools for Lead Generation, Scoring, and Nurturing
  • Implemented objection handling frameworks and scripts tuning messaging
  • Proactive client success nurturing through account growth plans and QBRs

We tracked the following KPIs:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Total Number of Customers
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Overall Site Traffic Volume
  • Site Conversion Rates
  • Churn / Cancellation Rates
  • Sales Qualified Lead Volume
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Click Through Rates
  • Organic Traffic Contribution
  • Deal Velocity
  • Sales Cycle Length
  • Average Deal Size
  • Sales Team Capacity
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Engagement Rates
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Content Engagement
  • ROAS By Channel
  • Payback Period Analysis

The Achievement

First Quarter:

  • MRR: $12,800
  • Total Customers: 47
  • CAC: $790
  • Site Traffic: 1,100
  • Conversion Rate: 2.3%
  • Churn Rate: 37%

Fourth Quarter:

  • MRR: $69,300
  • Total Customers: 189
  • CAC: $330
  • Site Traffic: 6,700
  • Conversion Rate: 4.8%
  • Churn Rate: 16%

Quarterly Lift:

  • 540% MRR growth
  • 400% more customers
  • 41% reduced CAC
  • 600% increase in site traffic
  • 210% higher conversion rates
  • 43% lower churn rate

The expanding SaaS growth highlights the impact of HRMS SAAS integrated strategy, combining expanded reach from scaled omnichannel ads with double-digit conversion and retention optimizations. This led to over 540% lifts in MRR, customers, and lower churn by 43% year-over-year.