The Client

VitaWell is an online D2C supplement brand focused on natural health products for fitness-focused millennials. Despite strong first year order volume getting to 550 monthly, growth stalled in year two. To scale up, we, at DesignScript, worked on layering paid digital channel amplification paired with organic foundations.

The Project

We placed ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube & Instagram along with a focus on SEO & content marketing to help increase the number of orders. The tenure of the project was 18 months & we successfully helped the brand grow. 

The Strategy

We took an integrated approach across 7 key channels:


  • Expanded content pillars, including ingredient spotlights, new products, and routines
  • Onboarded micro-influencers to broaden reach

Meta Ads

  • Retargeting visitors via messenger and email captures
  • Lookalike prospecting from high-value buyers

Google Ads

  • Ramped fitness and health keywords across supplement types
  • Leveraged custom affinity audiences

YouTube Ads

  • TrueView ads paired with motivational supplement video


  • Technical optimizations for better crawl efficiency
  • Long-form content hubs around buyer problems

Content Marketing

  • Supplement comparison articles and product blogs
  • Complete on-site guides for all 120+ SKUs

The Execution

In executing over the 18 month period we:


  • Tripled published posts per month offering helpful wellness advice
  • Onboarded 25+ micro-influencers to promote latest products

Meta Ads

  • Expanded interest-based prospecting through testing top performers

Google Ads

  • Using Search analytics doubled down on highest converting keywords
  • Maintained >11% CTRs showing strong account health

YouTube Ads

  • Achieved over 100 million impressions from motivational video


  • Published 25+ long-form comparison articles driving 50% of organic growth

We tracked core KPIs including:

  • Revenue and Sales Metrics
  • Channel ROI and Volume Contribution
  • Engagement Rates on Social
  • Lifetime Value Trends

The Achievements

Here is a data progression comparison for key metrics from the first quarter vs. the sixth quarter:

First Quarter:

  • Monthly Orders: 580
  • Revenue: $46,400
  • Marketing Spend: $8,200
  • ROAS: 565%
  • Site Traffic: 27,600 visitors
  • Conversion Rate: 2.1%
  • Repeat Order %: 19%

Sixth Quarter:

  • Monthly Orders:  4,350
  • Revenue: $565,500
  • Marketing Spend: $38,800
  • ROAS: 1,457%
  • Site Traffic: 89,750 visitors
  • Conversion Rate: 4.9%
  • Repeat Order %: 38%

Quarterly Lift:

  • 750% increase in monthly orders
  • 1,210% revenue growth
  • 223% improved marketing ROI
  • 325%% more site traffic
  • 230% higher conversion rates
  • 200% greater repeat purchases

The expanding 6 quarter growth in core metrics highlights the consistent compounding returns from VitaWell’s integrated digital strategy. Scaling paid social, search and display channels led to over 1,200% lifts in revenue, traffic, repeat customer rates and order volume year-over-year. This blueprint proves how diversification pays dividends through exponentially multiplying health supplement sales.