The Client

PayTrack is a payment processing platform that simplifies billing, invoices, and cash flow for e-commerce businesses. Despite strong initial traction & achieving $30K MRR, scaling stalled as acquisition channels tapered around month 14. Reigniting expansive growth required implementing an integrated, systematic digital strategy to activate channels sustainably.

The Project

We placed ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Snapchat & LinkedIn along with a focus on CRO, Instagram & Reddit content strategy to help increase the revenue. The tenure of the project was 18 months & we successfully helped the brand’s growth.

The Strategy

We took an omnichannel approach, precisely targeting finance decision-makers:

Meta Ads

  • Retargeted visitors who browsed pricing and features pages.
  • Built lookalike audiences from customer contact lists.
  • Implemented lead gen forms for gated asset downloads.

Google Ads

  • Aggressive bids on 1200+ payment processing keywords.
  • Matched buyer in-market signals like searching competitors.
  • Retargeted visitors from the blog and resources pages.

YouTube Ads

  • Targeted CFO and finance personas based on content viewership.
  • Optimized for view-through rates based on % watched.
  • Remarketed accounting topic engagement.

LinkedIn Ads

  • Content and Message campaigns targeted to senior finance roles.
  • Lead generation program offering discounted payment processing.
  • Sponsored case study promotion to niche ecommerce segments.

Snapchat Ads

  • Vertical video ads explaining platform differentiators.
  • Targeted finance roles interested in payment tech innovations.
  • Optimised for completion rates and swipe-up conversions.

Instagram Content Strategy

  • Partnered with 6 FinTech influencers to make IGTV videos.
  • Created short video explainers targeting merchant education.
  • Optimised bio link promotion through Stories and channel posts.

Reddit Content Strategy

  • Posted AMAs related to simplifying business payment processing.
  • Created merchant education-focused Ask Me Anything threads.
  • Targeted ecommerce focused subreddits sharing stories.

CRO Strategy

  • Checkout optimization, reducing fields and payment friction.
  • Sales page messaging refinement to better convey ROI.
  • Added lead gen forms across the top, middle, bottom of the funnel.

The Execution

We launched campaigns systematically across all the lucrative platforms, including:

Meta Ads

  • Achieved 4.25% CTRs, 205% above FinTech benchmark.
  • 7 ad sets focused on different parts of the buyer journey.
  • Messaging sequencing to guide prospects based on signals.

Google Ads

  • Delivered over 13 million impressions.
  • Maintained under $1.10 cost per click.
  • Day-parting bid adjustments to lift conversions.

YouTube Ads

  • Over 120,000 video ad impressions delivered.
  • Exceeded 33% view-through rates.
  • Over 2 minutes of average watch time reflects resonance.

LinkedIn Ads

  • Achieved over 4% click-through and 9% conversion rates on content.
  • Messaged over 100,000 finance professionals customised by industry.
  • Lead gen program drove 5 new enterprise deals from LinkedIn.

Snapchat Ads

  • Generated over 550 swipe ups at $0.36 cost per action.
  • Tested 8 ad creatives assessing messaging resonance.
  • Optimised delivery for audiences leaning into ecommerce.

Instagram Content

  • Achieved average 30% video completion rates.
  • Consulted on 10 influencer videos spanning payments topics.
  • Profile swipe-ups grew 2X quarter over quarter.

Reddit Content

  • Hosted 2 AMAs, generating 500+ comments and questions.
  • Ecommerce subreddit posts drove 300+ upvotes.
  • Consulted 50+ merchants through threads over 12 months.


  • A/B tested checkout with single page option lifting conversions 18%.
  • Refined value prop statements with consultation from top of the funnel users.
  • Lead gen form experimentation revealed optimal placements across the site.

We tracked the following KPIs:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Total Number of Customers
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Average Deal Size
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Sales Cycle Length
  • Sales Qualified Lead Volume
  • Traffic Volume by Channel
  • Click-Through Rates
  • Account Conversion Rates
  • Page Engagement Rates
  • Form Fill Rates
  • Time On Site
  • Bounce Rates

The Achievements

Here is a data progression comparison for key metrics from the First quarter vs. the Twelfth quarter:

First Quarter:

  • MRR: $31,500
  • Total Customers: 5
  • Avg Deal Size: $6,300
  • Sales Cycle: 110 Days
  • Monthly Traffic: 4,300
  • Page Engagement: 48%

Twelfth Quarter:

  • MRR: $262,500
  • Total Customers: 53
  • Avg Deal Size: $5,500
  • Sales Cycle: 51 Days
  • Monthly Traffic: 9,875
  • Page Engagement: 64%

Quarterly Lift:

  • 834% MRR Growth
  • 1060% More Customers
  • 50% Faster Sales Cycle
  • 230% More Traffic Volume
  • 133% Higher Page Engagement

Executing an integrated digital strategy combining systematically optimized paid social media marketing, advertising, and conversion rate optimization, we reignited sustainable growth for PayTrack.

We increased their subscriber base over 1000% and boosting monthly recurring revenue from $31K to $262K over 1.5 years; channel diversification expanded reach while CRO and consultative selling compressed the funnel to convert interested prospects, ultimately expanding PayTrack’s customer base 10x from just the first quarter to the sixth, reducing sale cycle length by 50% to deliver compounding returns over time across every key SaaS metric.