The Client

EduPlatform is an online learning platform offering affordable courses and degrees to working professionals and adult learners. Despite strong early traction, reaching $7,500 in MRR by month 10, growth stalled as acquisition channels tapered. To reignite expansive growth, we implemented an integrated digital strategy.

The Project

We placed ads on Facebook, Google & YouTube, along with a focus on SEO, content creation, email & WhatsApp marketing to help increase the revenue. The tenure of the project was 24 months & we successfully helped the brand’s growth.

The Strategy

Our omnichannel playbook targeted career-focused learners across:


  • On-page optimizations for degree and certification keywords.
  • Improved site speeds via image compression.
  • Internal links structures matching learner journeys.

Content Creation

  • Tailored blog posts to student interests and journeys.
  • Published reviews and comparisons per research queries.
  • Promoted new assets via email, social media, UTM links.

Meta Ads

  • Collection ads showcasing popular course categories.
  • Dynamic product ads retargeting recent site visitors.
  • Optimised for purchases and course sign-ups.

Google Ads

  • Search ads leveraging commercial education queries.
  • Responsive ads leading to category and course pages.
  • Optimised for click-through rates and conversions.


  • Video ads targeted to relevant learner engagement signals.
  • Optimised for view rates, subscribers, and completion rates.
  • Remarketed visitors from blog and resource pages.

Email Marketing

  • Segmented drip campaigns personalised to the learner journey.
  • Optimised for open rates and click-through rates.
  • Used for re-engagement and promotions.

WhatsApp Marketing

  • Leveraged for 1-to-1 enrollment nurturing.
  • Created engagement opportunities and build community.
  • Optimised for conversions and customer success.

The Execution

SEO Execution

  • Added new course pages optimised for 500+ keywords.
  • Reduced mobile load times 850+ ms through fixes.
  • Refined site architecture matching learner journeys.

Content Creation

  • Created blog posts and guides tailored to jobs and interests.
  • Segmented content for various learner personas.
  • Analyzed engagement data to guide content efforts.

Meta Ads

  • Ran ad sets focused on core course topics and categories.
  • Achieved over 50,000 link clicks to course pages.
  • Optimized towards lowest cost per conversion.

Google Ads

  • Covered 2,000+ academic program keywords.
  • 35,800+ clicks achieved at a cost under $2 per click.
  • 8.1% CTR, 190% above benchmark averages.

YouTube Ads

  • 640,000+ impressions served via video campaigns.
  • Optimized for video completion rates.
  • Strong 26% view-through rates achieved.

Email Marketing

  • Sent segmented campaigns based on learner lifecycle stage.
  • Achieved 38%+ open rates and 7%+ CTRs.
  • Used for re-engagement and promotions.

WhatsApp Marketing

  • 1-to-1 nurturing to increase enrollments by 22%+.
  • Created chat groups facilitating student discussions.
  • Optimised for engagement and satisfaction metrics.

We tracked the following KPIs:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Total Customers
  • Traffic Volume by Channel
  • Click Through Rates
  • Conversion Rates
  • Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Engagement Rates
  • Video View Rates

The Achievements

First Quarter:

  • MRR: $7,800
  • Customers: 62
  • Monthly Traffic: 1,200
  • Conversion Rate: 1.8%

Eighth Quarter:

  • MRR: $127,500
  • Customers: 2254
  • Monthly Traffic: 8,700
  • Conversion Rate: 3.8%

Growth In Eight Quarters:

  • 1635% MRR growth
  • 3635% more customers
  • 725% increased traffic volume
  • 210% higher conversion rates

Over 24 months, an integrated digital strategy combining optimised paid ads, content, email, and WhatsApp marketing delivered over 1635% MRR growth for EduPlatform’s online learning platform, expanding its subscriber base by 3635% and increasing traffic volume and conversion rates by over 725% through systematic channel optimization.