The Client

SalesSpec is a SaaS platform built to optimize small business sales teams through features like pipeline tracking, lead routing and proposal generation. Despite strong early product-market fit, customer acquisition flattened by month 5, stalling revenue at around $10K MRR. To reignite growth, we, at DesignScript, pursued an integrated digital approach.

The Project

We placed ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube & LinkedIn along with a focus on SEO, content creation & CRO to help increase the revenue. The tenure of the project was 12 months & we successfully helped the brand’s revenue growth. 

The Strategy

Our omni-channel gameplan targeted business decision makers across:


  • Optimized site infrastructure for organic visibility
  • Keyword-focused content pillars around sales challenges

Content Creation

  • Published comparison articles and 150+ blogs aligned to buyer intent

Meta Ads

  • Lookalike audiences modeled from current customers
  • Video ads focused on platform benefits

Google Ads

  • Commercial search demand around key software keywords
  • Similar audiences across business tools interest

YouTube Ads

  • Video ads leveraged intent signals from sales topic engagement


  • Sponsored content leveraged professional learner segments
  • Lead gen forms for gated asset downloads


  • Free trial process testing from page layout to email nurturing

The Execution

We executed through an obsessive focus on optimization and segmentation across channels:


  • Weekly publishing to content clusters targeting long-tail buyer variants
  • Geo and device specific landing pages to match user intent

Content Marketing

  • Segmented content formats spanning blogs, ebooks, comparison articles
  • Promoted new assets through email marketing and social posts

Meta Ads

  • Lookalike audience building from pixel tracking of engaged site visitors
  • Testing into the most responsive personas, creatives and placements

Google Ads

  • Developed responsive search ad structures aligned to sub-vertical keywords
  • Rigorous experimentation on ad formats, extensions and landing pages
Google Ads

YouTube Ads

  • Created 10 snackable videos augmenting platform explanation pages
  • Optimized bids by engagement metrics – view rates, completed views etc


  • Alternated sponsored content vs more aggressive lead gen forms
  • Tuned outreach targeting focused professions with strong intent match


  • Tested landing page layouts, emphasizing value prop messaging
  • Experimented with shorter vs longer form trial options
  • Offered chatbot assistance at key decision points
  • Email nurturing post-trial reinforcing product experience
  • Revamped welcome and feature highlight sequencing
  • Added in-app cues to initial task completion
  • Rolled out proactive chat agent engagements
  • Feedback surveys tunes ongoing engagement
  • 31% reduction in fallout from trial signup flows via layout changes
  • 28% more activation task completions through better onboarding
  • Doubled free-to-paid conversion rates through email nurturing

The Achievement

Here is a data progression comparison for key metrics from the first quarter vs. the fourth quarter:

First Quarter:

  • MRR: $9,800
  • Total Customers: 121
  • Marketing Spend: $5,100
  • CAC: $630
  • Site Traffic: 1,030
  • Conversion Rate: 1.8%
  • Churn Rate: 23%

Fourth Quarter:

  • MRR: $86,300
  • Total Customers: 1,143
  • Marketing Spend: $22,900
  • CAC: $177
  • Site Traffic: 8,300
  • Conversion Rate: 3.5%
  • Churn Rate: 16%

Quarterly Lift:

  • 83% MRR growth QoQ
  • 945% more customers
  • 800% increased traffic
  • 194% higher conversion rates
  • 350% lower acquisition costs
  • 140% reduction in churn rate

The expanding growth in key SaaS benchmarks shows the impact of SalesSpec’s integrated strategy and rigorous channel optimization. Their MRR has nearly doubled within 12 months with the strategy used which is tremendous growth.