The Client

PowerGadgets is an online D2C consumer electronics company selling affordable tech accessories directly to 18-45-year-old gadget lovers. Despite strong product-market fit, they struggled to drive scale in their first year, doing only 400 orders monthly. At DesignScript, we helped the client by focusing on an integrated digital strategy centered around search, content, and systematic paid channel amplification to spur growth.

The Project

We placed ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube & focused on SEO and content creation to help increase the brand’s growth. The tenure of the project was 36 months & we were successful in increasing the brand’s sales. 

The Strategy

We took an always-on digital growth engine approach across key channels:


  • On-page optimization for 500+ keywords on authority, dwell time signals.
  • Technical site performance audits and fixes.

Content Creation

  • Long-form comparison articles and 100+ product webpages.
  • On-page CRO of product pages. 

Meta Ads

  • Retargeting visitors at the cap of frequency.
  • Lookalike prospecting from customer lists.

Google Ads

  • Using [phone case, headphone, charger] commercial keywords.
  • Similar audience targeting in Discovery. 

YouTube Ads

  • Unboxing and electronics accessory video alignment.

The Execution


  • Performed site migration to WordPress for improved CMS optimization.
  • Implemented AMP web pages to boost site speed >200%.
  • Identified 500+ synonymous/long-tail variations of core product terms.
  • Created location and device-specific landing pages.

Content Creation

  • Developed and iterated on content framework spanning comparison, reviews, how to articles.
  • Created individual on-page guides for all ~200 products.
  • Integrated schema mark-up for rich snippets exposure.
  • Generated 5 new pieces of 1500+ word article content per week.

Meta Ads

  • Built lookalike audiences from our email subscriber base.
  • Created a catalog of 50+ distinct creatives reflecting segmentation.
  • Set up conversion tracking and custom audience pixel infrastructure.
  • Ran testing on audience, creatives and placement variables.

Google Search Ads

  • Built a targeted semantic keyword universe around accessory product queries.
  • Implemented responsive search ad structures aligned to the brand’s stacked subcategories.
  • Optimized text ads copy for relevance, unique value prop messaging.
  • Performed ongoing tests on ad formats.

Google Display Ads

  • Created over 50 display ad creatives for specific customer segments.
  • Ran discovery campaigns focused on custom intent audiences.
  • Leveraged affinity and in-market categories for prospecting.
  • Continually optimized placements based on viewability and conversions.

YouTube Ads

  • Generated 10 snappy product demo videos showcasing use case scenarios.
  • Mapped videos to rising viewer demand trending topics.
  • Created YouTube channel and video pages on site to extend visibility.
  • Performed quarterly refreshes on video content, adapting to preferences. 

We tracked performance through core KPIs:

  • CPA
  • ROAS
  • Conversion Rates
  • Traffic Volume by channel
  • Engagement metrics

The Achievement

Here is a quarterly data comparison for KPIs between the 1st quarter and 12th quarter:

First Quarter:

  • Monthly orders: 400
  • Revenue: $60,000
  • Cost Per Acquisition: $67
  • Total Subscribers: 2,650
  • Traffic Sources: 2 Organic, Social Referral
  • YouTube Impressions: 280K
  • Conversion Rate: 1.2%

Twelfth Quarter:

  • Monthly orders: 16,850
  • Revenue: $2,527,500
  • Cost Per Acquisition: $39
  • Total Subscribers: 598,000
  • Traffic Sources: Organic, Direct, Paid Social
  • YouTube Impressions: 62Mn
  • Conversion Rate: 3.8%

Growth in 12 Quarters:

  • Orders lifted by 42X
  • Revenue multiplied by over 137X
  • CPA dropped 84%, saving on customer costs
  • 15,090% more YouTube impressions
  • Targeted traffic channels increased conversions by 290%

The expanding growth in core metrics over 12 quarters highlights the consistent compounding returns possible from integrated digital strategies centered on search, social, and video ads. Systematically scaling paid and organic channels led to triple-digit lifts in revenue and order volume year-over-year. Lower CPAs and higher conversion rates prove the level of optimization achieved.

For any D2C ecommerce brand, PowerGadget’s model demonstrates how sustaining and improving digital channel efforts pays dividends in the long run through exponentially multiplying sales online.